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Employing idea:
Companies adhere to the "moral first", only for "people-oriented" concept of employing.
We firmly believe that employees are the most valuable asset of the enterprise.
We insist on everything for the employees, for the employees, for all the staff.
We do our best to cherish, love and cultivate people.
We are not only through the treatment of people, we are more willing to stay through the cause of the people, the feelings of people.
We take the system as the forerunner, take the trust as the link, leaves the staff more free development space and the individual growth space, achieves the place suitable for its talent, the human uses it.
We adhere to the ability to enhance personal value, talent to promote enterprise development, enterprises and employees to achieve "win-win"".
We respect everyone and we are proud of CUHK and Chinese adults.
CUHK is stronger because of you, but because of you, it is more wonderful!